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DIY Artist

Finally, we meet! I'm Gayla West. When I'm not busy working my 9 - 5 job, spending time with my family, gardening or doing whatever else life throws my way, I love to create art. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a blank and white canvas turn into a finished vibrant, eccentric piece of art that has not yet existed in this world. One thing unique about my art is that I crave lots of texture and like to physically feel the artwork. I like focal points for this effect. Other times when I need something grittier or earthy, I use modeling paste.

I have a passion for sharing my techniques with others and like to help people get art back into their lives. Maybe you are like me and loved art as a child and it was easy for you. Now in adulthood, you have gotten so busy in the rat race of life that you have forgotten how to be creative. It’s never too late to start up art again. Come explore online art classes with me and let’s build art back into your life again!

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